Fort Scott Munitions 125Gr 9MM Luger TUI® – Handgun Ammo




The Xtreme Defender is based on the Xtreme Defense Fluid Transfer Monolithic (FTM®) family of projectiles. The EXD projectile has optimized flute geometry, total weight, and velocity to achieve a penetration depth up to 18 inches* with a permanent wound cavity (PWC) that is just simply enormous; no expanding hollowpoint comes close to achieving anywhere near this collective volume of wound cavity. The non-expanding solid copper body ensures that common materials such as wallboard, sheet metal, and automotive glass will not affect the Permanent Wound Channel or capabilities of the projectile, unlike traditional hollowpoints.



Fort Scott Munitions™ 125 grain 9MM Luger TUI™ ammo is a match-grade handgun bullet, with a Tumble Upon Impact™ action that exceeds the performance of a standard expanding bullet for decisive terminal impact. Engineered to create a dynamic wound cavity, the unique patented design of our Tumble Upon Impact™ 9MM Luger pistol ammunition provides superior performance.

    Unbelievable Accuracy and Terminal Performance

    • Non-lead, solid copper spun (SCS®) bullet
    • Superior penetration
    • Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact™ design

    Additional information

    Weight 62099419833 lbs


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